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Asphalt Services

Unico Sealing, Inc. is the pavement maintenance contractor of choice for the Lewisburg / Central PA region, including Harrisburg. We provide both residential and commercial services to protect and maintain your asphalt property. Call on the pavement maintenance contractor with over 25 years of unmatched quality and dedication to its customers. Take a look at our services below and call us at (570) 523-8070 or fill out the free job quote form for fast friendly service.  

Asphalt Repair

Unico Sealing, Inc.’s Asphalt Repair Team Has Been the Lewisburg, PA Area’s Pavement Services Leader since 1991 

Every asphalt surface deteriorates over time. No one knows this better than the asphalt repair specialists at Unico Sealing, Inc. in Lewisburg, PA.

During warm weather, asphalt is penetrated by rain, oil, and other harmful substances. Then when it turns cold, the fluids that seeped in during warmer weather freeze and expand, exacerbating weak spots in the pavement and causing cracks or even worse damage.

When you see the first sign of cracking on asphalt, repair should not be delayed, or further deterioration will be inevitable. As time wears on, the price of reversing the damage will only increase.

There are multiple ways to deal with asphalt pavement’s aging problems:

  • Simple crack sealing involves a thorough cleaning of the site, often with industrial brooms and pressurized air or water, and then the injection of a superheated asphalt sealant blend into the crack.
  • Full-depth asphalt patches and skin patches are used to deal with larger areas of damage, such as potholes and a condition called alligator cracking, where several cracks are bunched together and create a bumpy surface. The damage is completely removed, usually with heavy equipment, then a new section of asphalt is laid into the rectangular hole left in the pavement.
Asphalt Repair
If you own property in Lewisburg, PA, that features a paved surface of any size and see the beginnings of any need for asphalt repair, Call Unico Sealing, Inc. today at (570) 523-8070 or fill out our online free job quote form for a free estimate.

Driveway Sealing

Unico Sealing, Inc. is the Lewisburg, PA Area’s Best Choice for Top-Notch Driveway Sealing

You can count on the professionals at Unico Sealing, Inc. in Lewisburg, PA, to provide the very best in service and quality when it comes to driveway sealing.

Unico Sealing, Inc.’s experienced team of asphalt experts has the expertise to protect your asphalt driveway against wear and tear for the years to come.

Driveway sealing helps lengthen the life of your pavement and minimize the need for costly repairs in the future. When applied by highly trained specialists using the most effective methods, asphalt sealant will not only improve the appearance of your driveway but also provide a smoother surface for a better ride.

Don’t let your asphalt driveway crack and crumble due to poor maintenance. Driveway sealing prevents water from penetrating the pavement’s surface, which expands and contracts as temperatures fluctuate with the seasons. Once moisture has made its way into unsealed asphalt, unsightly damage is sure to follow.

Unico Sealing, Inc.’s craftsmen take your pavement’s needs seriously and pride themselves on providing unsurpassed craftsmanship and customer service.

If you own property in the Lewisburg, PA, region that includes an asphalt driveway, take the necessary steps to protect your investment with driveway sealing applied by the very best in the business.

Driveway Sealing
Call Unico Sealing, Inc. today at (570) 523-8070 or fill out our free job quote form to schedule an appointment for a technician to come by your property and provide a free estimate for driveway sealing.

Asphalt Sealcoating

unico Sealing, Inc. offers the lewisburg, PA, area's best asphalt sealcoating services

Pavements take a beating during central Pennsylvania winters, but asphalt sealcoating protects year-round. The experienced technicians at Unico Sealing, Inc. in Lewisburg, PA, have extensive knowledge about the benefits of asphalt sealcoating.

Applying sealcoat to your parking lot, loading/unloading area, driveway, or other asphalt surface is the most effective means of preventing cracking, potholes, and similar types of damage. Asphalt sealcoating protects pavements from:

  • Oxidation caused by UV rays from sunlight which causes the asphalt to dry out and deteriorate
  • Cracking caused by water infiltration and expansion in freezing temperatures
  • Weakening from high traffic and/or heavy loads
  • Damage from chemicals found in automobile fluids

Asphalt sealcoating will also improve pavement’s overall look and add to your property’s curb appeal. Plus, it will help prevent the need for pricey repairs. Simply put, properly sealed pavement will keep asphalt in the best possible shape at the lowest possible cost.

If you have a location in the Lewisburg, PA, area that features a paved surface, you should contact the professionals at Unico Sealing, Inc. to learn more about their asphalt sealcoating services. (570) 523-8070 or fill out our free job quote form for a free estimate.

Parking lot Striping

Turn to unico sealing, Inc. for high quality parking lot striping in the lewisburg, Pa, area

If you need new parking lot striping, turn to the experts at Unico Sealing, Inc. in Lewisburg, PA. Their professionals have been providing high quality service for years throughout central Pennsylvania.

Parking lot striping is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your parking lot a makeover. Sharp, high-quality striping, along with handicap and other specialized markings, will make any commercial or industrial location stand out and improve traffic flow.

Parking lot striping also improves safety on your property and prevents unnecessary accidents due to unclear directives. We are specialists in ADA Compliance, and compliance with other state and local regulations.

Unico Sealing, Inc. utilizes only materials that meet or exceed all federal and local regulations and use the most modern application methods. Their experienced technicians are proud of their reputation as skilled, reliable professionals who can provide excellent asphalt solutions.

Parking Lot Striping
If you are building a new lot or need to spruce up an existing lot in the Lewisburg, PA area, contact Unico Sealing, Inc. today about our parking lot striping services. Call us today at (570) 523-8070 or fill out our online free job quote form for a free estimate.

Asphalt Crack Repair

rely on unico sealing for dependable asphalt crack repair in the lewisburg, Pa, Area

Cracks in the parking lot or the driveway are an annoyance that, without dependable asphalt crack repair, can quickly turn into major damage.

Luckily, the team of professionals at Unico Sealing, Inc., in Lewisburg, PA, has been smoothing out these types of pavement problems for more than two decades.

Cracking in pavement is a natural result of an asphalt surface’s aging. Mother Nature, combined with years of traffic, weakens driveways and parking lots and cracks are the first signs that bigger problems are looming.

Asphalt Crack Repair requires experienced professionals who can even out fissures in the surface and remove any debris that has accumulated as cracks spread and widen. Only the highest quality sealant, applied by an expert, will provide long-lasting results and hold off further damage.

Unico Sealing, Inc.’s experienced technicians can perform asphalt crack repair as part of a personalized maintenance program for your facility and substantially increase the effective service life of your pavement.

When cracks begin to scar the asphalt pavement at your commercial or industrial location – or even at your home – contact the asphalt crack repair experts.   

Asphalt Crack Repair
Call Unico Sealing, Inc. today at (570) 523-8070 or fill out our free job quote form for more information or to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Dump Truck Rental

Depend on Unico Sealing, Inc. for dump truck rental service in the lewisburg, Pa Region

Unico Sealing, Inc., located in Lewisburg, PA, not only offers an extensive selection of asphalt maintenance and repair services, but also provides dump truck rental services for contractors, small businesses, and homeowners in central Pennsylvania.

 As improvement projects on all types of properties become more and more ambitious, it turns out it isn’t just the big construction guys who need dump trucks:

  • Renovations can result in big loads of debris that require removal
  • New construction often requires delivery of large amounts of fill dirt
  • Landscapers often need heavy loads of topsoil, mulch, stone and gravel, and similar supplies delivered.

Unico Sealing serves businesses and do-it-yourselfers that need access to a dump truck from time to time, but would never be able to justify the purchase of such an expensive piece of equipment.

Dump Truck Rental
If you need dump truck rental service, contact Unico Sealing in Lewisburg, PA, at (570) 523-8070 or fill out our free job quote form for a free estimate.